Matched Betting Is Here To Stay

Matched betting seems to good to be true, right! Well if that’s the case, surely there is a catch, or it will be a very short lived occupation?

Well, here at we disagree, and think that matched betting is actually here for the foreseeable future, and this is why.

Why Do We Believe Matched Betting Is Here To Stay?

Simply because of the competition between online bookmakers. After gamblers have opened an account and used the free bet, the bookmaker wants to keep them. In order to do this, the bookmaker has to offer a better deal than their rival.

This is where the free bets for existing customers (reload offers) come in. Bookies like Paddy Power, bet365, Betfair, etc, all have offers for existing customers. For example, every day on horse racing there are free bets available on horse racing – up to a maximum of £50.00, and we will show you how to claim these.

While the bookies are competing against each other, they will always trying to get one up on their rivals, and it is this that we can exploit. They are happy to offer these deals, as the majority of punters on their books keep losing, so that’s why they won’t be withdrawn.

Best Matched Betting Sites

Below we have put together a list of all the recommended matched betting sites that do most of the hard work for you. By using one of the following subscription services, you will get full support and effectively have someone holding your hand throughout the whole process of matched betting.


matched betting

– Oddsmonkey has a free trial where they show you how to cash in free bets that will make you up to £45.00 in risk free profits.

– Once you have done that, you then have the option to carry on, or cancel your order. There are two different payment options, monthly at £17.99, or annually at £150.00.

– Both options come with 30 day money back guarantee.


Profit Accumulator

profit accumulator free trial

– Profit Accumulator also gives you a free trial showing you how to cash in free bets that will make you up to £45.00 in risk free profits.

– Like above, there are two subscription offers. You can purchase monthly at £17.99, or annually at £150.00.

– Both subscription offers come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Profit Maximiser

matched betting con

– Profit Maximiser differs from the two above in terms of subscription offers.

– You can try out this service in full for 14 days at just £1.20, followed by the remaining £115.20 for 1 years access, the cheapest 12 month subscription service.

– You can also purchase outright at £116.40 for 12 months, and get their 30 day money back guarantee.



matched betting scam

– Arguably the most flexible when it comes to purchasing options.

– A 14 day trial is available for just £1.00, and thereafter you can either purchase monthly at £15.00, or annually at £149.00.

– The guys at matchedbets seem to be taking the best parts of the offers from their 3 main rivals above, and covering all bases to give you better purchasing options.


Bonus Bagging

bonus-bagging risk free trial

– The best system if you are nervous about matched betting, or just starting out.

– You can try out Bonus Bagging for just £1.20 for 7 days under the terms of their trial. This will be followed up by a further one off payment of £31.20. Which completes the payment in full.

– The service also comes with a massive 60 day money back guarantee.