What Is Matched Betting?

So you’re looking to make some risk free money from matched betting, and are wondering just exactly what matched betting is?

Matched betting can look daunting to start with, but it really isn’t, it’s actually quite easy. On this website, we are going to tell you exactly what match betting is, how it works, and hopefully reassure you that it really is quite simple.

The first thing to get straight is, matched betting isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so don’t be put off by phrases like Betting Exchanges, Reload Offers, and Lay Bets, it really isn’t that difficult, below is a brief example of how matched betting works.

1) You have a free bet of £10.00 to use on football, you decide to use it on Liverpool V Manchester United.

2) You place the £10.00 free bet on Liverpool at Even money with the bookmaker (you will win £10.00 . This hasn’t cost you a penny, as it is a free bet.

3) You would then place a Lay bet of £5.00 on Liverpool on a betting exchange. This is a bet against Liverpool, basically a bet on Manchester United and the draw.

4) So if Liverpool win, you win £10.00 from the bookmaker, and lose £5.00 on the betting exchange. A profit of £5.00.

5) While if it is a draw or Manchester United win, you will win £5.00 from the betting exchange. You don’t lose anything with the bookmaker, as it is a free bet. So you make a profit of £5.00.

So as you can see, either way you make a profit of £5.00. Matched betting is basically just a simple technique that takes the free bets you get from bookmakers, and makes risk free money from them. So when you see an advert saying Coral are offering £20.00 in free bets, it from these sorts of free bets that we make our risk free money.

Working through all these free bets, you can easily make a four figure sum, so even if you just do this and then quit, it is well worth your while.

You may well be asking, what happens when I have used all of the free bets? And that would be a fair question. The answer is, we use free bets for existing customers, also known as reload bets. These bets are available every day on horse racing, football accumulators (ever seen money back if you miss by one?), and they keep us making money nearly every day of year, should you wish.

You can also move onto more complicated, maybe slightly risky options, such as casino offers, or bingo offers, etc. In reality though, there are enough free bets for existing customers on horse racing and football to keep you going.

You don’t need to know anything about sport to do matched betting, just a basic understanding of maths. It is perfectly legal, and we believe it is here to stay, allowing us to cash in for years and years to come.

If you’re still unsure about matched betting, check out one of the many services that will do it all for you. They are on our best matched betting sites page.

So now that you have a basic understanding of what matched betting is, lets move onto How Matched Betting Works.

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